Tanggal Keluar Complete Serial Korea

(jika di korea tidak diperpanjang) :

School 2017 7 September,

Falsify 14 September,

Reunite Worlds 21 September,

The King Loves 21 September,

Strongest Deliveryman 25 September,

Save Me 26 September,

Manhole Feel So Good 30 September,

Criminal Minds 30 September,

Single Wife 30 September,

Unni Is Alive 2 Oktober,

Age Of Youth2 2 Oktober,

Deserving Of The Name 3 Oktober,

Hospital Ship 21 Oktober,

Bad Thief Good Thief 31 Oktober.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

UPDATE 29/06/2011

*******UPDATE 29/07/2011*******
Seri Korea :
* City Hunter Sambungan (2 DVD) TAMAT  **Teks lengkap**
* City Hunter Complete (4 DVD) TAMAT **Teks  lengkap**
* Rules Of Love (3 DVD) --cetak ulang, lg main di indosiar
* Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2 DVD) --belum tamat

Serial Jepang :
* Celeb and Poor (3 DVD) --cetak ulang, lg main di O'channel
* Misaki No. 1 (3 DVD)

Serial Barat :
* Love Bites Season 1 (2 DVD)
* Angry Boys Season 1 (3 DVD)
* Rookie Blue Season 1 (3 DVD)

Single Barat :
* Federal
* Goblin
* The Tenant
* Something Borrowed
* Transformer 3 (R5)
* There Be Dragons
* Brother Justice
* Poolboy

Single Korea :
* Bloody Innocent
* Mama

Single Mandarin :
* Forever
* A Supemumemary Candidate

Single Jepang :
* Man Hunting Redemption
* Kyofu

Cartoon :
* Super Robot Taisen Red Shock
* Kamen Rider VS Kamen Rider 000 movie War Core

Concert / Variety Show :
* Infinite & other group over the top album

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Music Never Stopped

The Music Never Stopped

Snuf The Dog And The Haunted Castle

SNUF The Dog And The Haunted Castle



Motherhood is a popular subject for many filmmakers, including director Choi Ik-hwan, who is making his directorial debut with this omnibus film.

The film consists of three stories about mothers and their children. The first story is about a mother (Uhm Jung-hwa) who devotes her life to taking care of her son (Lee Hyeong-seok), who suffers from a chronic disease.

When the son, who can barely walk, realizes his mother has also fallen ill, he decides to care for her as she has done for him. The second story depicts the troubled relationship between a mother and daughter. The mother (musical theater actress Jeon Soo-kyeong), the top soprano in the nation, is far from a typical devoted Korean mother and always wants to be pampered.

Her daughter (Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong), a high school dropout whose experience has been the opposite of her mother’s, works as her manager. The two are always fighting and struggle to find a way to navigate their relationship. The third episode centers upon a gangster (Yoo Hae-jin). When he hears that his mother (Kim Hae-sook) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, he strives to fulfill his mother’s wish to reunite with her first love before she dies.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Man Hunting : Redemption

Man Hunting : Redemption

The Reckoning

The Reckoning



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monga Yao Hui

  • Judul : Monga Yao Hui
  • Genre : Drama
  • Episode : 73 (8 DVD)
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Tahun : 2011
  • Pemain :
  • Lee Wei (Chen Yao Hui)
  • Michael Zhang (Lu Wen Hao)
  • Jack Li (Xu Fu Cheng)
  • Lin Yi Xin (Lin Shu Jun)
  • Liang You Lin (Yu Hui Fang)

Sunshine Angel

  •  Judul : Sunshine Angel
  • Judul Alias : Yang Guang Tian Shi 
  •  Episode : 22 (4 DVD)
    • Broadcast network: Hunan TV, GTV
    • Tahun : 2011
    • Pemain :
    • Wu Chun (Di Ya Xin)
    • Rainie Yang (Yang Guang)

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    UPDATE 26/07/2011

    ********UPDATE 26/07/2011*******
    Serial Mandarin :
    * Sunshine Angel (4 DVD) -- Wu Zhun, Rainie Yang
    * Clif (3 DVD) --Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yu Wu, Elvin Ng
    * Who's The One (3 DVD) --Wu Tian Xin, Yang Yi Zhan, Yang Qian Pei
    * Heaven Of Sky (5 DVD) --Qu Hui Nan, Shun WU Bin, Liu Ya Feng

    Single Jepang :
    * Erotibot

    Single Barat : 
    * The Music Never Stopped

    Concert / Variety Show :
    * Kiss and Cry (iu, uknow, sondambi)
    * Beast Almighty

    Clifford Dog Of Summer

    Clifford Dog Days Of Summer

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Terriers Season 1

    Terriers Season 1 (3 DVD)

    Ex-cop and recovering alcoholic Hank Dolworth (Logue) partners with his best friend, former criminal Britt Pollack (Raymond-James) in an unlicensed private investigation business. The series is set in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, although it is portrayed as a distinct town, Dolworth having been a member of the fictional "Ocean Beach Police Department".

    Scream 4

    SCREAM 4

    OOGLIES Vol 1-3

    OOGLIES Vol. 1-3 (3 DVD)

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Chillar Party

    Chillar Party

    Bachcha log is the name a gang of rowdy Indian childrens, who lead a carefree and fun filled life. Along their adventure trip, they are also known as Chillar party. However, problems start to come when two newcomers named Bheedu and Fatka join to the gang.

    Sorry Thanks / Hachiko 2

    Sorry Thanks / Hachiko 2

    Source http://joongangdaily.joins.com

    “Sorry, Thanks” is an omnibus film by four filmmakers who each contributed a short film about the relationships between humans and their pets.

    According to relevant groups, including Korea Animal Rights Advocates, there are about 10,000 pets in Korea, meaning that an average family of four has one, whether it is a dog, cat or an exotic animal such as an iguana. But pets are continuously being abandoned for diverse reasons. The film explores the causes and people behind the issue, which has grown increasingly serious of late.

    The filmmakers are known for their involvement in animal rights: Lim Soon-rye is an advocate for Korea Animal Rights Advocates and Park Heung-sik is famous for lyrical films such as “My Mother, the Mermaid” (2004).

    Park’s “My Younger Brother” depicts a 6-year-old girl’s separation from her dog, which she treats as an imaginary sibling. When the girl’s mother gets pregnant with her second child, the family decides to put the dog up for adoption, a frequent occurrence in Korea.

    “Catty Kiss,” directed by Lim, focuses on the harsh lives of abandoned cats. The film tells the story of an old maid who regularly takes in stray cats, a hobby that becomes a source of conflict with her father, who can’t understand why she pours so much of her money, time and effort into caring for the cats, which have traditionally been regarded with suspicion in Korea.

    The troubled relationship between the father and daughter, however, begins to turn around as the two take care of the cat together.

    “Chu Chu,” directed by Oh Jeom-gyoon, depicts the friendship between a homeless man named Young-jin and his newly adopted dog, a stray he names Chu Chu.

    The final short is “Thank You, I’m Sorry,” directed by Song Il-gon. It focuses on Su-young, a hard-working mom who inherits a dog after his sudden death of her father. Taking care of her father’s dog causes her to reflect on her life and she learns to appreciate simple pleasures, just as he once did.

    UPDATE 25/07/2011

    *******UPDATE 25/07/2011*******
    Serial Korea :
    * You've Fallen For Me / Heartstring (epi 1-8 = 2 DVD) Belum tamat

    Serial Mandarin :
    * Monga Yao Hui Sambungan (4 DVD) Tamat
    * Monga Yao Hui Complete (9 DVD) Tamat
    * Wax and Wane (5 DVD)
    * A Tale Of 2 Cities (4 DVD)

    Serial Jepang : 
    * Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda (3 DVD)
    * Control (3 DVD)
    * School!! (3 DVD)

    Serial Barat :
    * Terriers Season 1 (3 DVD)

    Single Barat :
    * Mindfulness and Murder
    * Wasted Young
    * Forget me not
    * The Veteran
    * Snuf The Dog and The Haunted Castle
    * Scream 4
    * Womb
    * The Reckoning

    Single Mandarin :
    * Mawen's Battle
    * Be Lover Or Not
    * Pubescence
    * Coming Back
    * Be Scared On The Way
    * Suicide Forecast
    * Blook Simple
    * Endless Night

    Single Jepang :
    * Female Ninja Magic Chronicles

    Single Korea :
    * Hachiko 2 / Sorry Thanks

    Single India : 
    * Chillar party

    Cartoon / Serial Anime : 
    * OOglies Vol 1-3 (3 DVD)
    * Dragon Ball Kai (4 DVD)
    * Samurai X season 2 (3 DVD)
    * X-Men (3 DVD) --Teks Indonesia
    * Clifford Dog Days Of Summer 2011

    Concert / Variety Show : 
    * Mnet Scandal (3 DVD)
    * Immortal Song 2 (2 DVD)

    ORIGINAL DVD @ 15rb :
    * Hulk Vs Wolvrine (kartun)
    * Hulk VS Thor (kartun)
    * Fair Game
    * The Fighter
    * Gnome And Juliet

    Forget Me Not


    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Dororon Enma Kun

    Dororon Enma-Kun
    (3 DVD) Teks Indonesia

    New Tales Of Gisaeng

    • Judul : New Tales Of Gisaeng
    • Judul Alias : New Gisaeng Story
    • Genre: Romance, drama
    • Episodes: 52 (7 DVD)
    • Broadcast network: SBS
    • Tahun : 2011
    • Pemain : 
    • Im Soo Hyang (Dan Sa Ran)
    • Sung Hoon (Ah Da Mo)
    • Han Hye Rin (Geum Ra Ra)

    Winter In Wartime

    Winter In Wartime

    Miss Ripley

    • Judul : Miss Ripley
    • Judul Alias : Miss. Ripley Who I Loved / Ripley / Goodbye Miss Ripley
    • Genre: Melodrama, romance
    • Episodes: 16 (4 DVD)
    • Broadcast network: MBC
    • Tahun : 2011
    • Pemain : 
    • Lee Da Hae (Jang Mi Ri)
    • Micky Yoochun (Yutaka / Song Yoo Hyun)
    • Kim Seung Woo (Jang Myung Hoon)
    • Kang Hye Jung (Na Hee Joo)

    Swinging With The Finkels

    Swinging With The Finkels

    Best Album Teen Pop

    Best Album Teen Top

    Best album Beast


    Best Album 2PM and Best Album 2PM Concert

    Beast Idol Maid Part 1,2

    Super Junior Complete Album 4, 5



    Shin Se-Gyeong, Im Seul-Ong, Lee Jong-Hyun, 

    Kang Min-Hyuk, Baek Jin-Hee

    “Acoustic” is a youth movie about 20-year-olds who look to music for their hopes, dreams, and love. Sin Se-kyeong will play a vocalist who has a rare disease that requires her to eat only ramyun. Seulong partners with Baek Jin-hee to become an awkward but lonely boy and girl. Also, Lee Jong-hyeon and Kang Min-hyeok from CN Blue play a drummer and a guitarist who enter a new music world after meeting a bakery owner.
    In the movie, the song ‘L.O.V.E.’ that Seulong sings is a song that 2AM members sang for the soundtrack. They wanted to support Seulong in his first movie. It is a bright and soft melody that captures the heart. It also written by a hit song writer. Seulong also appears in the music video as an awkward dancer. The music video is very popular and drawing a lot of attention to the movie.

    Source : http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Acoustic.php

    UPDATE 21/07/2011

    *******UPDATE 21/07/2011*******
    Serial Korea :
    * New Tales Of Gisaeng Sambungan (3 DVD) Tamat
    * New Tales Of Gisaeng Complete (7 DVD) Tamat
    * Miss Ripley Sambungan (2 DVD) Tamat
    * Miss Ripley Complete (4 DVD) Tamat

    Single Barat : 
    * Winter In Wartime
    * Betrayal
    * The Sinking Of The Laconia
    * Turbulent Skies
    * Swinging With The Finkles

    Single Korea : 
    * Accoustic

    Single Mandarin :
    * Men Suddenly In Kive 2

    Single Jepang :
    * Vampire Girl

    Cartoon / Serial Anime :
    * Ultraman Big Monster
    * Masked Rider Five Warrior VS Dark King
    * Ironman (2 DVD)

    Concert / Variety Show :
    * Super Junior M Exceptionally Unlike Another
    * Let's Go Dream Team With Indonesian star