Tanggal Keluar Complete Serial Korea

(jika di korea tidak diperpanjang) :

School 2017 7 September,

Falsify 14 September,

Reunite Worlds 21 September,

The King Loves 21 September,

Strongest Deliveryman 25 September,

Save Me 26 September,

Manhole Feel So Good 30 September,

Criminal Minds 30 September,

Single Wife 30 September,

Unni Is Alive 2 Oktober,

Age Of Youth2 2 Oktober,

Deserving Of The Name 3 Oktober,

Hospital Ship 21 Oktober,

Bad Thief Good Thief 31 Oktober.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UPDATE 30/11/2011

*****UPDATE 30/11/2011*****
Serial Korea :
* Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2 DVD) belum Tamat --Jung Il Woo

Serial Mandarin :
* White Lie (6 DVD) versi mandarin

Serial Silat :
* The Emperor's Harem (7 DVD)
* The Secret Of Empress Wu Zetian (7 DVD) --Tao Yin, Siqin, Zhao Wexxuan
* The Seven Variant / Wu Yi Human Way (6 DVD) --Zhao Wen Zhuo, Wan Za Jiang

Single Barat :
* Immortals
* The Thing
* Salvation Boulevard

Single Jepang :
* Into The White Night --Maki Horikita, Kengo Kora

Single Korea :
* Hindsight
* The Great Kye Choon Bin
* Arrow The ultimate Weapon
* Re-encounter

Single Mandarin :
* Jump Ashin!
* Single Terminator
* East Meets West --Karen Mok, Ekin Chen

Concert / Variety Show :
* Bigbang Secret Garden Parody
* We Got Married Lee Teukso part 1 (Ep. 1-6)

Cartoon :
* The Litllest Angel
* An Elf's Story
* Ice Age A Mammoth
* Chicken Run 2
* The Smurfs A Christmas Carol
* Tekken Blood Vengeance

Thursday, November 24, 2011

UPDATE 24/11/2011

*****UPDATE 24/11/2011*****
Serial Korea :
* Lovers (4 DVD) --cetak ulang
* Gyebaek Sambungan (3 DVD) -- TAMAT
* Gyebaek Complete (5 DVD) -- TAMAT

Serial Barat :
* The Death Valley Season 1 (3 DVD)
* The Wild Boys Season 1 (3 DVD)
* The Underbelly Season 4 (3 DVD)

Single Barat :
* Salvation Boulevard
* The Debt (R1)
* 50/50 (R1)

Single Mandarin :
* Legendary Amazons (Richie Ren, Cecilia Cheung)

Concert / Variety Show :
* Smtown In Tokyo
* Music Bank November 2011
* BigBang Album 2011 Full
* SNSD Dream Team 2011
* Super Junior Running Man Part 16 (epi62-66)
* We Got Married Yongseo (4 DVD) (epi1-51) TAMAT

Cartoon :
* How To Train Your Dragon 3 Gift Of Night Fury

Cowboy VS Aliens

Cowboy VS Aliens

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UPDATE 22/11/2011

*****UPDATE 22/11/2011*****
Serial Mandarin :
* Tong Flowers Love (4 DVD)--Evonne Hsu
* Forensic Heroes III (4 DVD)
* Mother Heart (5 DVD)
* Dad is Coming (5 DVD)

Serial Silat :
* Beauties Of The Tang Palace / Beauty World (5 DVD) --Ming Dao

Serial Barat :
* The Real Housewives Of Baverly Hils Season 1 (3 DVD)
* House Of Anubis Season 1 (3 DVD)

Single Barat :
* Cowboys VS Aliens (R1)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

UPDATE 20/11/2011

*****UPDATE 20/11/2011*****
Serial Silat :
* New Twin Brother (6 DVD) --Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung

Serial Barat :
* The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody Season 1 (4 DVD)
* The Suite Life On Deck Season 1 (4 DVD)

Single Barat :
* The Guard (R1)
* One Day
* Skeleton Key 3
* A Golden Christmas 2 : The Second Tail
* Warrior
* Top Gear The movies

Single Mandarin :
* Lee's Adventures --Jaycee Chan

Concert / Variety Show :
* Day's Of Infinite
* Big Bang Come To play
* U-kiss First Kiss Live In Tokyo & Osaka Concert

Friday, November 18, 2011



Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011

Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011

UPDATE 18/11/2011

*****UPDATE 18/11/2011*****
Serial Mandarin :
* The Empress Harem (7 DVD) --Ady An, Jiang Yi yi, Tavia Yeung, Feng Shao Feng

Serial Barat :
* Terranova Season 1 (2 DVD)
* Warehouse Season 2 (3 DVD)
* Warehouse Season 3 (3 DVD)

Single Barat :
* The Help
* Cloudstreet
* Sarah's Key
* The Family Tree
* Puncture
* Like Crazy (R5)
* Restless (R5)
* The Terror Beneath (R5)
* Geek Charming

Concert / Variety Show :
* CNBlue Tour 2011 Remaintenence
* SNSD Horor Factory
* Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

UPDATE 14/11/2011

*****UPDATE 14/11/2011*****
Serial Mandarin :
* Married With Husband Mother (5 DVD) 
* At The Enemy Gates (6 DVD) -- Yu HeiWei, Wu Ma, Wu Chu

Single Barat :
* 11/11/11 

Single Jepang :
* Ultimate Ninja

Love Recipe

  • Judul : Love Recipe
  • Genre : Romance, comedy
  • Episode : 10 (2 DVD)
  • Broadcast network: CTV
  • Tahun : 2011
  • Pemain : 
  • Kenji Wu (Fu Yong Le)
  • Li Jia Ying (Li An An)
  • Rhydian Vaughan (He Xia)
  • Wu Ying Jie (Wang Mei Ya)

Material Queen

  • Judul : Material Queen
  • Genre : Romance
  • Episode : 22 (4 DVD)
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Tahun : 2011
  • Pemain :
  • Lynn Hung (Lin Chu Man)
  • Van Ness Wu (Cai Jia Hao)
  • Daniel Chan (Yan Kai Ming)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

UPDATE 13/11/2011

*****UPDATE 13/11/2011*****
Serial Mandarin :
* Love Recipe (2 DVD)
* Material Queen Sambungan (2 DVD) --TAMAT
* Material Queen Complete (4 DVD) --TAMAT 

Single Barat :
* Determinism
* Shark Night
* Texas Killing Field
* Bethoven's Christmas Adventure

Single Korea :
* Link

Cartoon :
* Penguin Of Madagascar : All Nighter Before X-mas
* Bob builder : Super Splasher
* Bob Builder : Happy Work
* Dibo : Make A wish, I Give A gift
* Mickey Mouse : Space Adventure
* Tintin (R5)
* The Owl Vol 1-5 (5 DVD)

Tomie Unlimited

Tomie Unlimited

Tsukiko (Moe Arai) is a member of the photography club in high school. On her way home with friend Kae (Aika Ota), Tsukiko runs into older sister Tomie (Miu Nakamura) who goes to the same high school. Tomie is also with Toshio (Kensuke Owada) - a guy Tsukiko has a secret crush on. Tsukiko is consumed with fierce jealousy over her sister, but at the same time is intoxicated with Tomie's beauty. Tsukiko keeps pressing the trigger on her camera. At that time Tomie tells her sister that she knows what she is feeling. When Tsukiko stops taking pictures, Tomie is crushed by a steel frame that falls from a building under construction.
One year later, Tsukiko still suffers nightmares over her sister's death. Slowly, her daily life returns to some sense of normalcy. On Tomie's 18th birthday, her parents and Tsukiko stand around a birthday cake in her honor. At that time someone knocks on their door. Tomie stands in the doorway with rich black hair and her beauty shining even more brightly. Her parents are delighted to see Tomie and welcomes her back with tears pouring out. Meanwhile, Tsukiko stands there unable to believe what is transpiring. Tsukiko's nightmare now turns into reality and her terror is only set to begin 

Friday, November 11, 2011

UPDATE 11/11/2011

*****UPDATE 11/11/2011*****
Serial Korea :
* The Musical (2 DVD) --belum tamat
* Man Of Honor (2 DVD) --belum tamat
* 18 VS 29 (4 DVD) --cetak ulang

Serial Mandarin :
* Sunny Happiness Final Episode (1 DVD) 
* Sunny Happiness Complete (5 DVD) --Mike He
* Perfect Number (4 DVD) --Gao Yi Xiang, Zeng Kai Xuan

Single Barat :
* Accalto Ao Banco Central
* Our Idiot Brother
* The Devil Double
* The Kingdom Of Solomon (R1)
* Panic Button
* On The Inside
* Snow Beast
* Secret From Her Past
* Carjacked

Single Jepang :
* Helldriver
* Tomei Unlimited

Single Mandarin :
* Summer Love Love
* Lost In Panic Cruise
* Stary Stary Night

Concert / Variety Show :
* SMtown Concert In LA
* Busan K-Pop Super Concert

Cartoon :
* Prep and Landing

30 Minutes Or Less

30 Minutes Or Less

Strawberry Shortcake Bright Lights Big Dream

Strawberry Shortcake 
Bright Lights Big Dream

Barbie A Perfect Christmas

Barbie A Perfect Christmas

Formosa Mambo

Formosa Mambo







Rise Planet Of The Apes


Sealed With A Kiss

  • Judul : Sealed With A kiss
  • Judul Alias : Qian Shan Mu Xue
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 28 (5 DVD)
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Tahun : 2011
  • Pemain :
  • Hawick Lau
  • Ying'er 
  • Wen ZhengRong


  • Judul : Poseidon
  • Genre: Action, drama
  • Episodes: 16 (4 DVD)
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Tahun : 2011
  • Pemain :
  • Lee Sung Jae (Kwon Jung Ryul)
  • Choi Si Won (Kim Sun Woo)
  • Lee Si Young (Lee Soo Yoon)
  • Han Jung Soo (Oh Min Hyuk)
  • Jung Woon Taek (Lee Choong Shik)
  • Kil Yong Woo (Oh Yong Gap)
  • Jang Dong Jik (Kang Joo Min)
  • U-Know Yunho (Kang Eun Chul)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

UPDATE 10/11/2011

*****UPDATE 10/11/2011*****
Serial Korea :
* Poseidon Sambungan (2 DVD) -- Tamat
* Poseidon Complete (4 DVD) --Tamat >> Choi Si Won
* Ojakgyo Brother (epi 1-28=3 DVD) --belum tamat

Single Barat :
* Alyce
* Rise Of Planet Of The Apes (R1)
* Beware
* Restitution

Single Jepang :
* Helldriver
* Tomei Unlimited

Single Mandarin :
* Formosa Mambo

Concert / Variety Show :
* Rain Last Concert In Korea
* Hallyu Dream Concert 2011
* Asia Song Festival 2011

The Reunion

The Reunion

Monday, November 7, 2011

UPDATE 07/11/2011

*****UPDATE 07/11/2011*****
Serial Korea :
* Family Honor (7 DVD) --cetak ulang

Serial Mandarin :
* Sealed With A Kiss (5 DVD)

Single Barat :
* Escapee
* Spy Kids 4
* Pinching Penny
* Apollo 18 (R5)
* Cat Run
* Rare Export A Christmas Tale
* When Harry Tries To Marry
* Coffin (R5)
* 30 Minutes Or Less
* The Reunion (R1)
* Conan The Barbarian (R1)

Single Korea :
* Marrying Mafia 4

Single Mandarin :
* Night Market Hero

Single Jepang :
* Kiba : Dark Night Gaiden

Cartoon :
* Bright Lights Big Dreams
* Barbie A Perfect Christmas
* Space Dogs

Concert / Variety Show :
* Dream Team Super Junior 2011
* Mtv Asia Hot Seoul Vol. 8, 9 (2 DVD)
* Super Junior Strong Heart Part 8
* Super Junior The Music is Power
* Infinite Concert Japan 1st leaping over

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spy Kids 4


Space Dogs

Space Dogs



Remember About Us

  • Judul : Remember About Us
  • Judul Alias : Ji De, Wo Men You Yue / About Us
  • Genre : Romance
  • Episode : 18 (3 DVD)
  • Tahun : 2011
  • Pemain :
  • Ken Zhu (Luo Jia Jun)
  • Michelle Chen (Jiang Mu Yun)
  • Wu Zhong Tian (Yang Wen Tai)
  • Maggie Wu (Xia Bao Er)

Standing Sleeping Tree

Standing Sleeping Tree

There is a man who you want to protect.
There is a brave firefighter Goo-sang, wife Soon-yeong, who loves Goo-sang so much, their daughter Seul-gi, and Seok-woo, who Goo-sang trusts like a blood brother. Goo-sang and Seok-woo have their own secrets. Goo-sang has incurable disease and Seok-woo loves Goo-sang’s wife. Goo-sang, who noticed Seok-woo’s love toward Soon-yeong, tells Seok-woo that if he dies during the surgery, please take care of Goo-sang’s family.
After Goo-sang’s shocking confession, unexpectedly huge fire broke out on the birthday of Seul-gi. Goo-sang and Seok-woo run toward the fire to extinguish it…

Phungsan Dog

Phungsan Dog / Poongsan

A mysterious man nicnknamed "Poongsan" (Yoon Kye-Sang) crosses between the South and North Korean border as a courier for hire. There's no way for people to contact him, but instead, Poongsan picks out potential clients from banners at a make shift memorial along the DMZ. Poongsan's next target is a man who wishes to bring a North Korean woman into South Korea.
Meanwhile, a man (Kim Jong-Soo) is pushed by the section chief (Han Ki-Joong) at the NIS to write a report on North Korea. That man was a high ranking official in North Korea prior to defecting to South Korea. He's protected by NIS agents, but still paranoid that North Korean assassins will kill him. He asks the section chief at the NIS to bring his lover In-Ok (Kim Gyu-Ri) to him from North Korea. Agents from the NIS learn of a man able to smuggle people across the border. They place a banner along a makeshift memorial at the DMZ border.
During the middle of the night, two NIS agents meet Poongsan who arrives on a motorcycle. When an NIS agent asks how long it will take to bring In-Ok into South Korea, Poongsan points to his watch to show 3 hours. The agent gives an incredulous laugh, but gets back into his car and waits for Poongsan. Poongsan runs off into the night towards the DMZ border.
Poongsan heads out to Pyeongyang to retrieve In-Ok. While they are crossing the border back into South Korea, In-Ok feels an attachment to this mysterious man who doesn't speak ...

Source : http://asianmediawiki.com/Poongsan

Bleak Night

Bleak Night

High school student Gi-Tae (Lee Je-Hoon) takes his own life. His father (Jo Sung-Ha) feels a heavy sense of guilt and confusion over his son's death. The father was largely absent from Gi-Tae's life. He decides to search for answers on his son's death.
Gi-Tae's father finds a picture in his son's desk drawer. The picture consists of Gi-Tae and high school friends Dong-Yoon (Seo Jun-Young) and Hee-Joon (Park Jung-Min).
Gi-Tae's father is able to locate Hee-Joon. The high school boy is evasive with answers, explaining he transferred to another school prior to Gi-Tae's death. Hee-Joon also mentions that Gi-Tae's best friend was Dong-Hoon. Gi-Tae's father thinks back to his son's funeral and recalls that Dong-Hoon never show up for his best friend's funeral. Gi-Tae's father then asks Hee-Joon to find Dong-Yoon, who has now dropped out of school completely. What happened to these three former best friends?

Margin Call

Margin Call



Pil-Yong (Park Joong-Hoon) has been forever a lowly public official of 7th grade in Jeonju, South Korea.
3 years ago his wife Hyo-Kyung (Ye Ji-Won) collapsed of a cerebral infarction largely due to him. Pil-Yong took his son to a relative and now takes care of his wife who has difficulty in moving. Pil-Yong wants to be promoted to a deputy director in the higher 5th grade before he retires.
Pil-Yong finds out that his new boss is interested in hanji (traditional Korea paper). Because of this, Pil-Yong transfers to the hanji department.
Meanwhile, documentary filmmaker Ji-Won (Kang Soo-Yeon) shoots a documentary about hanji. To make her documentary, Ji-Won travels throughout the country. By chance, Ji-Won meets Pil-Yong and they do not get along with each other. She learns that Pil-Yong plans to restore a copy of the annals of the Joseon Dynasty using hanji of a traditional kind. Ji-Won joins Pil-Yong.
Pil-Yong becomes obsessed with his project. A strange mood starts to brew between Pil-Yong and Ji-Won. Hyo-Kyung notices the change in her husband. Also, the project is on the verge of collapsing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Cast : 
  • Keiko Kitagawa - Yukari 'Caroline' Hayasaka
  • Osamu Mukai - Jouji 'George' Koizumi

Yukari Hayasaka is a high school student who has become tired of her life of constant schooling. She then comes across a group of student fashion designers in need of a model for their "Paradise Kiss" clothing label. Yukari knows nothing about the fashion world and is taken back by the group's eccentric ways, but she soon comes to admire their free thinking ways and ability to pursue their dreams with a one track mind

UPDATE 01/11/2011

*****UPDATE 01/11/2011*****
Serial Korea :
* Deep Rooted Tree (2 DVD) ---belum Tamat

Serial Mandarin : 
* Remember About Us (3 DVD) --Ken Zhu, Michelle Chen

Serial Silat :
* The Xue Ren Legend (5 DVD) --Jeff Bao, Charlles Wu, Aston Chen

Single Barat :
* Battleship
* Hide
* Lucky

Single Korea :
* Bleak Night
* Standing Sleeping Tree
* Phungsan Dog
* Hanji

Single India :
* RA One (R5)